Written By: James
First Published: 21 June 2021

Times are changing, and so are meeting rooms. Making way for the next generation of touchless technology. 

Technology moves quickly, and in this day and age, it’s moving along quicker than ever. We have also had to adapt to life post Covid19 which has been a big step change.

Transition to the new normal, has taken time, and we are all still unsure of the long term health affects as we begin to transition away from the pandemic.

One thing is for sure though, we are all a lot more concious about our surroundings, our health, and indeed our mortality, with many people taking more precautions than they usually would when interacting with their environment.


COVID-19 has raised the valid question, about why we need to touch surfaces when we are interacting with our work environment. With automation and sensor technology we can eliminate touch in the workplace.

With automatic door openers closers, automated access control can integrate with a room booking system to enable entry and exit to the room without touching a door handle yet alone a screen.

Amazon Alexa

Once in the room, occupancy sensors can detect entry and power on AV systems within the room, voice control with Amazon Alexa can control and switch sources via voice activation.

Once the user leaves the room and activates the exit, a shutdown command can be sent to all devices. This is the meeting room of the future to combat all the risks of infectious diseases like Coronavirus.

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