Why projectors need regular maintenance – Could you benefit from a support agreement?
Written By: James
First Published: 28 March 2022

Common Faults

Although many organisations are investing in new technology such as LED video walls and Large Format Display technology, projectors are still found across many businesses of different sizes across the UK and beyond. 

Like any other technology they require a certain level of maintenance and common issues can blight reliability. By having a support agreement in place with regular healthchecks, reliability can be improved drastically. 


Projectors contain powerful bulbs that operate at high temperatures. Therefore cooling them is extremely important, and a blocked filter can be the difference between smooth operation, and automatic shut off. 

Filters should be either cleaned or replaced regularly and ideally checked every 6-12 months. This is an example of a dirty filter that was pulled from a client projector recently. 

The blocked filter caused the projector to shut down after 15 minutes or so. After replacement, the projector resumed its reliable operation. 

dirty projector filter

Dust should also be blown out through any air vents and case openings with a suitable can of compressed air. 

Power Issues

Projectors are often powered for extended periods of time, and therefore it’s also important to ensure that the power cable connecting it to the mains is in a good, undamaged condition. It should also be suitably fused. 

Internally, the most expensive part of the unit is often the bulb. This reaches high temperatures and is responsible for lighting up the image on the projector screen. 

During a healthcheck, we would check for damage and the amount of hours used. We will then replace the bulb if damaged or if it is ready to be replaced due to reaching it’s certified amount of hours. 

damaged bulb

This is a damaged and cracked bulb we recently pulled out of a customers’ NEC projector during a regular service. 

Support Agreements & Maintenance Visits

We can support your office technology environment at a low fixed cost. We can ensure that your projectors and other AV kit are regularly serviced and ready to go for every important meeting. 

If you’d like us to come by and look at your environment and offert some solutions on how we can help you. Feel free to drop us an e-mail hello@sysflex.co.uk or a call. 

We are experienced with all types of projectors including the following brands: 

* Christie
* Epson
* Benq
* Optoma
* Sony
* Sharp
* Vivitek