AV & Audio Visual for Education: From Classroom Projectors to Lecture Theatre Audio Systems, we have you covered.

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Audiovisual and AV technologies are now widespread across many organisations and AV systems have also now begun to replace aging technology in schools and learning environments. 

The education sector is being transformed by the latest technology coming into the marketplace and with the costs gradually reducing over time, it makes sense to upgrade your dated learning environment and to choose a trusted partner that can help you create, install, and maintain your vision.

Within the education sector, budgets are tightening and the demand on AV equipment is higher than it has ever been. It makes sense to partner with an AVIXA partner who you can rely on.

We have supplied many solutions to Schools, Colleges, Universities and other not for profit organisations.

Education Facilities: New Project Installation & Support with a reliable service

Sysflex are an established team who have been selling and supporting audiovisual and IT solutions for 15+ years. With a history based firmly within IT & AV with CTS accredited engineers, you can be sure to receive a high level of service which is not only fast and efficient, but friendly too.

Our engineers know and appreciate the challenges within the education sector, and we will always do our best to advise the most cost-effective solutions that will meet customer requirements.

We can project manage and deliver your project to the highest standard. Through our optional maintenance packages, we can also look after your inventory providing service and support either onsite or remotely wherever necessary.

We offer a fixed low-cost maintenance plan, and any issues our logged via our ticketing system.

We utilise the latest technology and monitoring systems to ensure that your equipment stays online and functional, and we will often know if there is a problem before it’s reported.

Take the stresses of AV away from your IT department by speaking with us here at Syflex AV.


Digital Signage: Communicate with Staff, Students and Parents through digital screens and wayfinding

Digital Screens and Digital Signage is often everywhere you look in the modern world, whether you are in a train station or a café, you will often see screens advertising services often locally and nationally.

As an education facility, you may find the pressure on you to also look at implementing this technology to improve communication within your School, College, or University.

Digital Signage not only shows the world you are serious about promoting your message or brand, but it also gives you the opportunity to communicate with others, that you may not traditionally be able to reach via e-mail or other traditional communication methods.

Digital Signs can also support the facility if you happen to be short staffed, often supporting reception by avoiding unnecessary questions, displaying term dates, lesson times etc.

Some will also use this technology to showcase student work and to use it as a chance to praise students who have been successful.

It can also be used to bridge the gap between sites if you have multiple buildings.

A simple Digital Signage system has lots of features, most of which are explained in more detail here however, the main ones are the ability to schedule and plan content, to create multiple layouts and designs, as well as taking in external feeds from RSS, cameras etc.

Digital Signage can also be integrated with other technology such as:

Wayfinding Touch Display

The screen will show a map of the building and a search box for locations, the user can simply tap in the location they wish to see, and the wayfinding system will show the path on the signage screen.

Room Scheduling Software

The screen will show a floorplan, and show which rooms are free/available/booked and who is located within them, this is useful to be able to see at a glance which rooms may or may not be free.

– Emergency Alerting 

If there is some sort of emergency within the building, such as a fire alarm, a terrorist alert or a person wishing to cause harm or damage to students an emergency mode can be activated, which can allow the screens to direct students to the nearest exit or safe place, it can also be configured to play audio messages out through the speakers in order to alert others

-Access Control

Signage could be integrated with an access control solution to show who is in a certain area or what areas are locked down

These are all special applications which can be provided if you have a project need for them.

Projection Technology: Sales & Service

We are

Large Format Display & Video Walls: Sales & Service

Our engineers are used to installing large format screens, in fact lots of them. So you can trust us to deliver a fast and efficient installation service. We also have experience when it comes to installing and maintaining LED / LCD and outdoor video walls.

Learning Aids – iPad & Tablet Control, Wireless Presentation: Sales & Service

We can assist with the deployment and management of iPads and Tablets for all purposes. Tablets are powerful devices and can be set up to control or administer AV environments, or simply to act as a learning aid with wireless casting to screens and projectors. We partner with a number of leading manufacturers to bring you the best wireless sharing platforms that are cost effective and easy to use.

Learning Aids – Interactive Whiteboards, Smart Displays & Touchscreens:
Sales & Service

A staple of the modern classroom is now the touchscreen or interactive whiteboard, utilised properly they are revolutionary in terms of how they improve learning and enable students to really interact with content.

You can easily present your content, along with annotating it, printing it and saving it. In fact, the technology on a lot of these boards really does allow you to collaborate like never before.

When you begin to rely on these however, they become integral to the lesson and learning plans. This is where we come in, we can regularly health check your equipment and ensure it is running smoothly, we work with the leading manufacturers to be able to carry out service and repair in line with their guidelines. As part of most maintenance plans, we also offer a health check.

Learning Aids – Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing has become more and more vital in recent years, especially considering that Covid19 forced many to adopt the technology even if it was out of their comfort zone.

In fact, the reality is, Video Conferencing is a technology investment that almost always makes complete sense. With fuel becoming more expensive and not to mention many organisations attempting to get to Net 0 emissions within their environmental policies, the desire to have the best experience possible is driving equipment sales.

With beamforming microphone technology and special framing cameras, the experience in a proper conferencing room is more like a face-to-face conversation, with volume being ‘normalised’ between noisy and quiet participants and a clear high definition image being available allowing you to observe your callers body language like never before.

We are used to installing and designing video conference suites in buildings of all sizes, so feel free to get in touch and we can help you take your conferencing to the next level.

Lecture Capture Systems, Visualisers & Document Cameras: Sales & Service
Document Cameras and Visualisers are almost a modern equivalent to the classic overhead projector. It allows the lecturer or teacher to put material or items on the display and annotate them as they go, or even to show objects etc.

We can provide, install and service visualisers and document cameras and we work with all the major brands.

Audio & Music Systems: Sales & Service

One element of AV systems that are often overlooked is the audio and amplification side. To allow attendees to hear a presentation effectively, the space needs to be planned out with the correct level of audio re-enforcement in the room.

Our CTS certified AVIXA engineers will ensure that the correct level of audio is installed within the room to deliver the perfect experience for all. We will also plot out and provide sound maps to ensure that we deliver a fully immersive audio and sound experience, which is especially useful for those rooms that may have multiple uses.

Lecterns: Sales & Service

The lectern is often the focal point of any lecture room or auditorium, it can often contain not only a microphone but control equipment for the room along with a visualiser and perhaps other learning aids. We can provide a custom build lectern if required along with installation, service and maintenance.

Access Control: Door Access Systems

Access Control is a service we offer through our sister company. Sysflex Security. We can install a full range of electronic locks along with swipe cards and ID cards. These can be set up with all the doors within the building.

The system can be set up to only allow access at certain times of the day, as well as automatically opening doors at certain times, (break times, between periods etc).

CCTV: Cameras with On-site & Cloud Recording

CCTV is a service we offer through our sister company. Sysflex Security. We can install a full range on indoor and outdoor cameras with various alerting via e-mail, strobe, announcement etc. They can be configured for night and day operation with a crisp image and recording being saved every time, either to the cloud or locally on network video recorders.

IT Support Service for Education through our sister company Sysflex IT

 We can offer a specialist IT support service for Schools, Universities and Colleges through our sister company Sysflex IT. With years of experience delivering IT support and IT solutions we can deliver a cost effective service that doesn’t have to break the bank.



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