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Digital Signage is a very powerful medium and these days you can come across it in almost every setting. From hotel receptions to tube stations and retail stores. It’s easy to subconsciously absorb the information shown.

It’s also now a prime technology used in various corporate businesses as a medium to communicate and bring employees closer together by using it as a tool for internal communication.

People rarely read their e-mails and digital screens installed in the right areas (such as coffee points and cafes) mean employees can absorb all that information at their leisure.

Digital Signage Networks are often implemented in order to deliver layouts and information to multiple geographical locations. This is often considered a fantastic tool for companies wanting to bring employees in remote locations closer together. 

It allows them to feel close together and part of a team even if they are thousands of miles apart. 

We can help you implement Digital Signage solutions from one or two systems to large global networks. We have been involved in the Digital Signage Industry for over 10 years. 

Digital Signage Networks
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It’s important to have a system that’s easy to use, thats why we only use the best technology to implement your system.

Essentially the software is easy to operate and can be managed by anybody with a couple of hours simple training. 

Images, Videos and Live Data (such as application integrations, weather, RSS etc can be integrated into your layouts with various different screen designs that are made possible. 

In retail environments, Digital Signage can be used for digital information boards, for pricing information, and the benefit is that with instant over the air updates, the amount of paper POS or point of sale material can effectively be reduced. 

Different levels of access and approval flows can be set up and configured in the system to allow control over those digital screens. 

Our monitoring software also ensures that the screens are powered up and diplaying content 24/7 if required. 

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Digital Signage in Corporate Environments


If you think about many different locations, and how often you see screens in those locations, you can see why digital signage has become such an important tool for business.

We often get asked about content and how screens can be incorporated into modern office environments.

If you think about it, new car dealerships often have high end 4K videowalls along with screens dotted around showing high performance videos or TV feeds in waiting areas.

Corporate offices are no different really, due to their requirement to impress visitors and educate those visitors about their brand. In fact, a waiting area is the perfect place to educate visitors about your customers, vision and brand.

For staff, Digital Signage enables them to feel part of the organisation as they are able to submit their own content and keep abreast of news in remote offices.

Town Hall & Live events may also be streamed across Digital Signage as a medium.


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