Exploring Poly’s Communication Solutions
Written By: James
First Published: 24 April 2024

Exploring Poly’s Communication Solutions

  1. Poly Rove 30 Wireless Handset

The Poly Rove 30 is a versatile wireless handset designed for seamless communication in various professional settings. Here are its key features:

Wireless Freedom

The Rove 30 operates wirelessly, allowing users to move around their workspace without being tethered to a desk.

It connects to compatible Poly desk phones and base stations, ensuring reliable communication within a specified range.

HD Voice Quality

Crystal-clear audio quality ensures that conversations are natural and intelligible.

Noise-canceling technology minimizes background noise, enhancing the overall calling experience.

Rugged Design

The Rove 30 is built to withstand demanding environments. It’s resistant to dust, water, and shocks.

Ideal for industries like manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare where durability is crucial.

Long Battery Life

With extended battery life, the Rove 30 keeps you connected throughout the workday.

Convenient charging options, including a desktop charger or a multi-unit charger, ensure uninterrupted usage.

  1. Poly CCX400 Desk Phones

The Poly CCX400 series represents a new era of desk phones, combining modern design with advanced functionality. Let’s explore:

Sleek Aesthetics

The CCX400 boasts a sleek, minimalist design that complements any office environment.

Its high-resolution color display provides an intuitive interface for users.

Touchscreen Experience

The touchscreen interface simplifies navigation, making it easy to access contacts, call logs, and settings.

Users can customize their home screen with widgets for quick access to essential features.

HD Audio and Acoustic Clarity

HD voice quality ensures clear conversations.

Acoustic Fence technology reduces background noise, enhancing call clarity.

Integration with UC Platforms

The CCX400 seamlessly integrates with popular unified communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Users can join meetings, manage contacts, and collaborate effortlessly.

  1. Poly B2 Base Unit

The Poly B2 Base Unit serves as the backbone for Poly’s communication ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know:

Central Hub

The B2 Base Unit connects multiple Poly devices, including desk phones and wireless handsets.

It acts as a central hub for managing calls, conferencing, and collaboration.

Expandable System

Designed for scalability, the B2 supports additional handsets and accessories.

Organizations can easily expand their communication network as needed.

Advanced Call Handling

The B2 offers features like call forwarding, conferencing, and voicemail.

It ensures efficient call routing and management across the organization.


Poly’s communication solutions, including the Rove 30, CCX400, and B2 Base Unit, empower businesses with reliable, feature-rich tools. Whether you’re on the move, at your desk, or managing a team, Poly’s products enhance productivity and streamline communication.

Remember, choosing the right communication devices is essential for seamless collaboration and efficient workflows. Consider Sysflex IT to help your organization’s unique needs and explore the Poly lineup to find the perfect fit!

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